Sunday, July 8, 2012

Time begotten, more posts of completed work

Punched - Series of 3 together in the RecRoom window.   As I have neglected to get some updates posted here are several...

"Eye of the storm"

"Rough Water"

This one is beautiful, I ASSUME the frame is by my Dad too :-) Lake Wanaka New Zealand

I snapped some LARGE hookings completed several years ago and my (Barb) favorites... with a few other pix to follow.  Enjoy!

Mediterranean Cruise - scenes 

Titled 'Emigrants' a pictorial hooked in1995... I did not measure but it is likely 3ft or more in height

In Flight... again I did not measure but it is likely 3ft or more in height I LOVE THIS ONE (Barb)

Pheasants?? I am not so good at bird names - will check up on this and when it was hooked too.  (Barb)

Various other rugs about the house... 

This one is fading from the sun but has sculpted flowers and sits in a nice corner of the master bathroom beside the tub...

Foot stool that is perfect because it is heavy and does not move :-)

Strolling along the walk - I like this one as the lady has a ceramic hand.  and her dress is material... 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

More finished Punch Needle work - Dancing with the Stars…

I found these in my archived pictures completed by Sybil in 2010 before or possibly during recovery from Carpal Tunnel surgery! (Barb)
I love this one… "Dancing with the Stars" … how quaint they look.

"Reaching Out" in the water with sand and flowing water trails… 

Simply stated - "Stones"...  

"Swirling Leaves"… nice fall colours! 

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Some additional punch purses...

Some additional punch purses...

Run Rooster Run! Purse

Bermuda Dunes Purse (Barb's Favorite )
Made with Bermuda Cedar handles which are no longer available and a scene embroidered on fabric

Willow Leaves Purse
Edge is hooked onto woven backing with remainder being punch needle 

Quilted Cat Flap Purse 

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Jim and Laura's Iris's

2010 - Mom (Sybil) is working on the finishing touches of Jim and Laura's Iris's for the front hall entrance (to fit into the area in the wall that had an ?inserted opening with a small ledge) but then they sold and moved so it now is in their new large powder room at the new house.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bert n Ernie relax in a shared chair - hooked and mounted on a board

Bert and Ernie

Hooked and placed on a board the same shape with support to hold up the 2 pups :-)

We have always had Maltese dogs in our family - started with SeeBee then Sam and finally our boys Bert and Ernie :-) shown sharing a chair together as they were often found doing snuggling together. 

Friday, May 20, 2011

Cows and Rugs that will Moooooove you (sorry bad pun)

Here are several rugs of the COW theme, a series of 3 and then a few others

Original Design:  Mrs Saugeen
Celebrating a Hole in one at Saugeen Golf Course (Port Elgin, Ont) 
When:  tba (Barb's commentary - Yes it was truly a hole in one by Mom!)  Size:  about 24" x 18"

Original Design:  Mad Cow for Ottawa
When:  The year Ottawa was messing up! Sending a "MAD" Cow to Ottawa!
Size: 18"w x24"l
[Barb's Commentary:  You have to love a sense of humour - following the MAD COW to Ottawa!  How better to depict it than with the Parliament building, a Canadian flag and the uphill climb (for the battle)! That was my take... and I actually found out a little story tied to this.  So once upon a time, there was a colourful comment made in a neighborly way to Mom with reference to a Mad Cow in the same sentence...  from that came the motivation to design this rug - a Cow, she was Mad eating the flowers on Parliament Hill - submitted to the Quilt Show in Ottawa (and it was around the time of Mad Cow disease too).]

The Ice Cream Series... Three Original designs and variations with the theme of the Cow

Original Design:  Irish Cream (Size:  aprox. 36" x 24")

Original Design:  Strawberry Cream (Size:  aprox. 36" x 24")

Original Design:  Skim Milk (Size:  aprox. 36" x 24")

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

More Cat Punch Needle purses (2010)

Two Siamese Cats (with beaded handle - flap purse style with magnetic closure)

Nouveau Art Cat and Two Moon Cats (having a romantic moment looking at the Moon)
Notes:  Russian Punch pieces were sewn on as pockets to minimize the bending at the edge and exposing the [white] background. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Barb's rugs for special events by Sybil - my Milestones?

OK to start with just a few rugs I have hanging or lying around hooked for me (Barb) by Sybil (Mom)...

Original Design - Barb's story to University Graduation... Hooked by Sybil in Barb's favorite theme - Bears!  Every square depicts an event or milestone in the journey from baby to University graduation from Trent University.  What a treasure...
(When:  around 1987 Graduation year! Size is about 4' x 3' each square is 12" x 12")

Another milestone rug...
Original Design - In Barb's favorite rose colours, and for our first Home (Bungalow in Richmond Hill on Boisdale Ave)
From our wedding and up until this year, we had this rug as the centre piece in our living room - then the Emily Carr's were hooked and the colour theme changed!  The rug is now on our bedroom floor where Cooper has made a few 'catches' in the loops when he jumps on and off the bed.  I did not want to hide it away in a chest somewhere and besides it was too big to fold!
(When:  1991 - For 20 years it rested on a living room floor - size is 54" x 78")

Original Design - "Barbara"
Ballerina ready for the concert - posed for a ballet photo at around age 12.  Another favorite, I love that the ballet slippers were attached as part of the hooking and ribbon added for the ankle ties... (The original point shoes were attached, I actually added the other pair when I found them in a drawer.)  This warms my heart as Mom played piano when I practiced the lessons and drove me to Owen Sound for Sheila Milne Highland Dance and Eleanor Brennan Ballet lessons, we went a LOT and then on to Oakville for some lessons as I got older until 16 when I was a passenger in a snowmobile accident.  I went on to teach for a few years before I went off to college.   
(When:  not sure? - size if 18" x 27")

Original Design - Barb and Bill's Wedding Rug
Now this is a gem!  When I walked down the aisle in our back yard on a beautiful day Sept 7, 1991 it was not until I got to the 'alter area' that I looked down and said "Oh Mom" and almost cried... what a beautiful surprise... Bill and I stood on this for our wedding vows, how can you beat that!  I believe my dog Sam also joined us there (Barb forgot Bill's ring in the house and a friend, Thanks Joey, ran into the house to get them but dear Sam got out... This hangs in our bedroom; always has, always will.  
(When:  1991  size - 16" x 37") 

Rugs, purses and druthers by Sybil Mercer

Oh where to start - ok Purses by Sybil Mercer done with Russian Punch Needle...
(posted by Barb Mercer Nonnewitz)

This one has the flap in punch and others have a pocket inserted on the front or the whole front is the purse then lined with patterned material or just standard lining material.