Friday, May 20, 2011

Cows and Rugs that will Moooooove you (sorry bad pun)

Here are several rugs of the COW theme, a series of 3 and then a few others

Original Design:  Mrs Saugeen
Celebrating a Hole in one at Saugeen Golf Course (Port Elgin, Ont) 
When:  tba (Barb's commentary - Yes it was truly a hole in one by Mom!)  Size:  about 24" x 18"

Original Design:  Mad Cow for Ottawa
When:  The year Ottawa was messing up! Sending a "MAD" Cow to Ottawa!
Size: 18"w x24"l
[Barb's Commentary:  You have to love a sense of humour - following the MAD COW to Ottawa!  How better to depict it than with the Parliament building, a Canadian flag and the uphill climb (for the battle)! That was my take... and I actually found out a little story tied to this.  So once upon a time, there was a colourful comment made in a neighborly way to Mom with reference to a Mad Cow in the same sentence...  from that came the motivation to design this rug - a Cow, she was Mad eating the flowers on Parliament Hill - submitted to the Quilt Show in Ottawa (and it was around the time of Mad Cow disease too).]

The Ice Cream Series... Three Original designs and variations with the theme of the Cow

Original Design:  Irish Cream (Size:  aprox. 36" x 24")

Original Design:  Strawberry Cream (Size:  aprox. 36" x 24")

Original Design:  Skim Milk (Size:  aprox. 36" x 24")

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